Friday, March 16, 2012

Going to paint least that´s what I´ve been promising myself for the past five years - that I´m going to paint one of our bathrooms into dark grey instead of the left-over-small-flowered-over-the-top-romantic-wall paper that we have going on in there right now. The former owner of our house had pretty good taste in many things but something went wrong here... And even though I have to admit that sometimes during the darkest months of the year I kind of enjoy getting an overdose of indoor, up the wall flowers - seeing these pictures from Decor 8 made me promise one more time. If I finally do it, I´ll make sure to show you the before and after.


  1. Kör!!! Klart du ska måla! Små toaletter passar ju utmärkt i mörkt! Finns inget bättre än att se den dramatiska förändringen när det är klart!
    Kram på dig!

  2. Hege & Hanna -thanks for pep talk!! Will do it, one day I´m sure. Hopefully sooner than later, just need time for it too :)