Friday, July 22, 2011

Artilleriet in Gothenburg

Just spent a week in Gothenburg and had the pleasure of getting some time off for shopping (kind of rare these days). Did some research before and through Frida over at Trendenser found the absolutely amazing store Artilleriet. Fell in love with almost all the things featured and will without doubt come back again in the future and until then visit their web shop (they do deliver to Stockholm as well). It´s obvious that the owners of this store have a great eye for design, selection and styling in the best way possible. In addition, the staff was so sweet and helpful. And if that was not enough - Acne is next door so the day surely left me with an empty wallet, and oh, with such a smiley face. Artilleriet - please come to Stockholm soon?

All pics from Artilleriet

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Details to remember

This home shown in current issue of interior magazine Sköna Hem really caught my eye. What intrigued me the most was the attention to details. Some examples - the tiles all the way to the windows (and also out in the hallway as shown in the mag), the piece of the wall that was kept between living room and kitchen (great for storage and feeling of two rooms in one), the curtains in the bedroom (hanging them all the way gives the idea of windows all over when in fact there is just the one you see) and above all - the bistro feeling in the kitchen. The home belongs to Emma Sahlin & Nils Unckel and to finalize this renovation project they got help from decorator and stylist Hanna Bastin. Need to look into that name, good ideas! More pics in the magazine.

Ps. The pics shown here does not make the home and points I´m trying to make justice so buy the mag or wait a bit if they perhaps will put out more pics once there is another issue out Ds.

More from Italy

All pics: Anna Mårselius, Anna Gillar

Greetings from Italy

Views, food, sunsets - I´m a sucker for clichés, I know...But what can I do, I just love this holiday. Hoping you are having a nice one too!

All pics; Anna Mårselius, Anna Gillar