Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Golden New Year Year to you!

Thank you so much everyone for following Anna Gillar, it really means a lot and make even the less inspired days worthwhile. I´ve really enjoyed this year with lots of exciting challenges trying to make my way into a new career of interior styling and decoration. It has just been the beginning of what hopefully can turn out to be an even more creative & exciting 2012. Thank you for support & comments throuhgout the year, you are the best! Hope you will join me for another 365. Wish you all a Happy New Year!

Anna xx

Pics via This is Glamorous

Friday, December 30, 2011

More love

Being back I´ve just scrolled through my favourite blogs and found some more apartment love that I just have to share even though you might have seen them already if you scroll the same pages I do. Hope you all are doing well and have a nice evening before the big night tomorrow. Here I´m glad to be back home even though we have had a really nice time away. Always nice to get back home no matter what. Now movie night, scrolling of blogs and a big nice fire. A great cliché and I love it.

Pics from French By Design, via Stil Inspiration. Thank you both!
Original source: Milk Magazine

Apartment love

When I see pics like these I immidiately want to move to an apartment, throw out all old stuff and of course before that - win a serious amount of millions. Love this place and have already seen it on several blogs apart from the original source, Residence. Guessing these pics for a good reason will continue their spread.

Photographer: Marcus Lawett, from Residence

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas

Hope you all have had a great Christmas! This is us right now, going around Sweden receiving and giving gifts, eating and drinking, being lazy and running around with the kids, lots of fun and lots of love. Tomorrow 24 hours of Copenhagen visit for a friends birthday. See you soon C & J! And for the rest of you, see you soon here! Take care xx

Pic via French by Design

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Annaleena recently posted some pics from the store so had to borrow some of them and invite you to today´s "Happy Thursday" at Rådmansgatan 7 - Lotta Agaton Shop. Unfortunately I won´t be there to welcome you since we are heading of for X-mas celebrations already, but two - best Lotta & Lina - thirds of this happy gang will be there to take good care of you. Happy shopping!

The store is open between 12-20.

Photographer: Annaleena


When I found this earlier today I didn´t realise that this picture actually is just another angle of  pic #1 from the Wednesday mix from this week. This room is just a part of a lovely apparment belonging to Jill Danyell, and the whole thing has previously been featured on Design Sponge. Enjoy the whole thing here.

Pic via Vineet Kaur

Wedding plans

My sister is getting married next year and the start off for the wedding dress-search has begun (wihii!!). Normally I´m all into simple, classic and no fuss (1-2) but it´s fun sometimes to go all in as well (4,5). After all, the plan is to do this only once.

Maybe you or someone close to you is getting married too? Then check out the references for these pics, great inspiration.

1, 4-5: This is Glamorous
2: Everly True
3: La Boheme

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good night

December calls for cozy good nights.

Pic via Concrete & Dust

Ready for you now, Snow

Pic via Everly True

Wednesday mix

Planned Tuesday mix turned in to Wednesday mix. The without-enough-time-madness continues...Hope you are doing ok.

1: The livingroom of  Jill Danyelle featured at Design Sponge. Thanks JD for the correction and so sorry for the mistake!
2-3: A beautiful living
4-6: Le Petit Bird Told Me

Monday, December 19, 2011

X-mas & no time

Why is it that every year, no matter how much you think most preperations are done, you always end up with a list of zillion things to do and no time to do it? Feels like running through days and sleep right now and sooo looking forward to when it all slows down. Hope you all are better prepared than I apparently was, good luck with whatever race you have left!

Pic via Brown Dress with White Dots

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Don´t know why I haven´t come across Swedish photographers Amelia & Andreas Lönngren Widell before but I really like what I see. All pics taken by Lönngren/Widell