Thursday, November 24, 2011

Darker shades

My workspace is leaning towards white with details of black and grey but I also love these pictures with heavier materials, design & colours.

1, 2 & 4: via Brown Dress with White Dots
3 & 5: via A Lifes Design


Might not be that green outside but it is definitely raining. And I´m unfortunately home from work sick in bed. Sad to miss a day with all fun  stuff going on. But hey, let´s make the most of it and scroll through my favourite blogs & work some on my own projects. Have a good day all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feeling Fall

This is probably the longest Fall in a long time and I love it. I like winter too but not they way it presented itself last year, just refusing to leave. Mild days, stay for another while please?

1-4: This is glamorous
5-9: Dusty Deco

Looking for

Looking for a table lamp like this, a classic many times featured in childhood. Where can I find it and not pay a fortune? Preferably in black. Really want one for my office space at home that I´m now decorating with full speed. Thank you in advance for any ideas you might have!

1: via Convoy
2: via Annaleena, photographed by Annaleena from her own home

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Lotta Agaton Shop

I´m guessing that most of you who read my blog also read my mentor Lotta Agaton´s page. So then you know that she is soon about to open a shop with exclusively handpicked things. It is going to be quite a small shop but oh, what a shop it will be. Today we started unpacking all of the things and I just want to assure you that it is definitely going to be worth a visit. Or two. I already want to bring ALL of the things home with me and make them new best friends. We are just going to unpack everything and finalize the renovation of what is going to be both office and store and then you will be more than welcome to join us for some shopping. More info to come and some pre-info here and here.

Tuesday mix

1-4: Vineet Kaur
5-8: Simply Pi

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A little bit of heaven

Just had to show this pic from The Sartorialist, post Fashion Week in Paris. Any ladies out there who recognize the feeling?

Sunday and construction

Longing for a Sunday like this but instead we have big plans of taking care of boring stuff that needs to be done in house and garden. But oh how great it feels when all is done. You might have noticed a few changes here with layout and design and more is going to happen in the near future. Meanwhile - bear with me during a time of experimenting. So extremely happy and thankful to I have two good and talented friends by my side who are helping me with it all - thank you M & S! (don´t want to put those letters the other way around...)

Pics via Rum För Två with thanks!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you Desire to Inspire!

Thank you so much Desire to Inspire for including me in your reading guide! It really means a lot to me and I´m honored to be in such good company. Love right back to you for daily inspiration since way back. When one is spending so much time trying to find beautiful and inspiring things to put out there it is such a great feeling knowing that there is someone out there appriciating it. And to all of my readers, I read all comments you give and love every single one of them. Thank you Desire to Inspire & thank you lovely readers, you inspire me xx

Fotographer: James Greer

Styling: Jason Grant

Featured in Inside Out, via Desire to Inspire with thanks!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beckmans Academy - the final results

Thank you all sweet and talented class mates, Lotta Agaton the one and only, Pia Ulin for making all of us look great, Kristofer Johnsson for making us look even better & of course Therese Sennerholt for having the courage to leave your fantastic prints in our hands. It has been such a great time with lots of inspiration and learnings. Can definately recommend the ones interested to apply to next year´s course - Inredningsstylist (Interior Stylist), Master Class at Beckmans Academy.

Here is some of the final work. For all pictures, see Facebook here. Press that like-button like you´ve never pressed before!

1: Anna Mårselius, Anna Gillar

2: Annaleena Karlsson, Annaleenas Hem - the winning and official T.S picture. Big congrats!!!

3: Kristin Nordström

4: Hanna Meijer

5: Lisa Martinis

6: Marie Ramse

7: Pella Hedeby, STIL inspiration

8: Lina Törneman

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It´s time...

Today is a big day, have been waiting anxiously for a while now. After work we will join teacher at Beckman´s, interior stylist Lotta Agaton, to get our final prints of the last project we did. The task was to, for some still to be revealed prints of graphic designer Therese Sennerholt´s 4th collection - create an idea, present it with moodboard and vision and then finally make it all happen as stylist on a shoot at Delight Studios with photographer Pia Ulin. For those and probably most of you who are familiar with these names, you realize that it was a really cool thing. An opportunity like that doesn´t come by everyday. So fingers crossed that the result will be what I´m hoping for. Will post everything here as soon as I get the digital version - hopefully already tonight!

Thanks to below classmates for the behind the scenes pictures! See you all tonight!

1-4: Fröken Friberg (Charlotte)

5 & 7: AnnaLeenas Hem (AnnaLeena)