Sunday, August 21, 2011

A new beginning

Tomorrow is little F´s first day at daycare. Can´t believe how quick time has gone by, she is now 1,5 years old and it feels like she just got here. But still when you see her running around, talking her own spectacular language and holding hands while looking up to bigger brother - I realize she is ready for the next step. I know from before that the separation can be tough, but now I also know that not spending every minute together does not mean losing each other. She is ready (I hope) and I´m nearly there. Great things to remember, and great things to come.

Pic via Bo Bedre, foto: Kennet Havgaard


  1. Ebba började i onsdags och ev. så lämnar vi henne själv i morgon. Känns väldigt läskigt, men jag antar att det går över.

    Lycka till Flora!

  2. Elina - glad att du gillar!

    Linda - Finaste Ebba!! Måste ses snart.


  3. Ja, klart vi måste ses snart!