Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you Desire to Inspire!

Thank you so much Desire to Inspire for including me in your reading guide! It really means a lot to me and I´m honored to be in such good company. Love right back to you for daily inspiration since way back. When one is spending so much time trying to find beautiful and inspiring things to put out there it is such a great feeling knowing that there is someone out there appriciating it. And to all of my readers, I read all comments you give and love every single one of them. Thank you Desire to Inspire & thank you lovely readers, you inspire me xx

Fotographer: James Greer

Styling: Jason Grant

Featured in Inside Out, via Desire to Inspire with thanks!


  1. Superkul! :)
    Kan meddela att jag korrigerat... eh, misstaget... ;) Ha en supermysig helg! Kramar

  2. Tack x3 Pella :) Absolut ingen fara med det lilla misstaget förstås. Ha en jättebra helg! Kram!