Thursday, April 12, 2012

Emma & Petra

I have to show you some of stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg & photographer Petra Bindel´s (Agent Bauer) older work. How great is this team?!! Many of the pics I´v shown before but I don´t think I knew who was behind them at that point. Well done ladies, very impressive!! In the new issue of Elle Interiör the current home of Emma is featured and it is absolutely amazing. The pics are not online official yet, but as soon as they are they will be here sooner than soon.

Pics via EcoSalon, most of the from Elle Interiör


  1. I love to watch the beautiful styling and these beautiful pictures! Tnx ;-)

  2. Älskar Petra och Emmas samarbete! Och tack för DIN fina kommentar :-) Blir ju så glad! Ha en mycket fin helg. XX

  3. Very nice...
    Have seen that various blogs already published images from the home of Emma, already on Thursday/ Friday ?
    Have a nice weekend,
    / jenny

  4. Elv - seems like we have the same taste :)

    Amanda - xx

    Jenny - yes, they where out there for a bit but the withdrawn so had to take it away. They are out now but only i paperprint-version and I prefer to show the whole thing when the pics are out later. Hope you will like that too :)

    Laura - I will visit your page right away!

    Yana - glad you like it

    Hege - xx

    Have a good week all!
    Anna xx