Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweden´s most charming home?

Recently I was invited by Fastighetsbyrån to give my ideas for what makes a "charming home". This was for their competition "Sveriges Charmigaste Hem" where they are looking for people to send in pictures of where they live and then find the winner of 30 000 SEK (gift card) to buy furniture wherever you want. Additionally the winner´s house will be featured in Expressen´s "Leva & Bo". Are you the one with the most charming home in Sweden - have a go at the competition page. Or do you want to read my thoughts on what makes a charming home, have a look here.

Sorry for the Swenglish folks but this one is mostly for the Swedish readers as all information for the competition is in Swedish....

Picture via That Kind of Woman


  1. Tack för grymt bra formulerade tips. Perfekt för mig som tycker om men inte förstår...

  2. Glad att du gillar! Hojta om du vill ha mer specifikt så bollar jag gärna. Ax