Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jump jump!

I´ve been thinking about it for a long time, with as much anxiety as excitement. I will from this fall try something completely new and go in to the lovely world of interior endlessness. Thanks to a very understanding employer I´m taking a leave of absence from my job as Marketing Manager to go side by side and learn from one of my biggest idols - interior stylist Lotta Agaton. I´m so exited, thankful and just absolutely happy to get this incredible opportunity and am counting the days until end of August when I´m set to start. In addition to the fact that Lotta is one of the most talented, professional and sweet stylists ever she also works with an absolutely lovely assistant (Lina) that I´m so happy to have gotten to know in the times I´ve been working during this spring. Seem exited? More than that!! And in all honesty...also completely terrified. But this has been a dream for such a long time and I just have to try it out and see if there is room in it for me.

This is also the first time I´m writing in English here on the blog and this is something that I´ll be doing from now on. I´m so happy to in addition to all you lovely Swedes get visitors from other countries too, and want to include you all in what is said, so from today - English it is! (However, not to get the language thing to become something that makes me hesitate to write as much as usual, please try to ignore spelling mistakes or any other slips ups that might occur....thank you!)

I will be taking it a bit more slow on the blog during bits of summer since we will be away a lot but of course there will be up dates here and there anyway and in August things will get back to normal again. Still here for another week though so don´t go anywhere just yet.

Looking forward to a new beginning and hoping that you will be here to join me along the way!

Picture via Vineet Kaur


  1. Sweet! Grattis Äääääänna! Åååååsam. Kram!

  2. Coolt! Heja och lycka till! S

  3. Dreams are made to follow!
    Vad himlans kul för dig!
    Lycka till!

  4. go anna go!!! ååååh vad kul! sååå glad för din skull och ska bli kul och hänga med! kram och ha en underbar sommar!! camilla

  5. roligt! Lycka till och håll ut när det blåser! x

  6. Evelina
    so happy for you. I will follow your blogg and I´m sure that you find lots of experience.

  7. Good luck Anna! :) Hope the experiences turns out to be fantastic!

  8. Jill
    Good luck and thanks for blogg in english.

  9. Thank you all for your sweet comments and words!! I need all the luck and pep talk I can get and looking at what you have written makes me very happy. Thank you!! Axx

  10. Jens
    jättekul Anna. Håller på dig.