Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wedding plans

My sister is getting married next year and the start off for the wedding dress-search has begun (wihii!!). Normally I´m all into simple, classic and no fuss (1-2) but it´s fun sometimes to go all in as well (4,5). After all, the plan is to do this only once.

Maybe you or someone close to you is getting married too? Then check out the references for these pics, great inspiration.

1, 4-5: This is Glamorous
2: Everly True
3: La Boheme


  1. Tack kära syster för att du är ett stabilt smakråd! Puss

  2. Du ska på ett bröllop till, den 8:e september... ;) kram

  3. Puss kära Siz! Ser fram emot resten

    Emma - det glömmer jag aldrig kära

    Kramar en masse