Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday mix

Planned Tuesday mix turned in to Wednesday mix. The without-enough-time-madness continues...Hope you are doing ok.

1: The livingroom of  Jill Danyelle featured at Design Sponge. Thanks JD for the correction and so sorry for the mistake!
2-3: A beautiful living
4-6: Le Petit Bird Told Me


  1. Härliga bilder! hoppas du har det bra i julstöket, kommer snart och hälsar på er igen, kram

  2. Kul att ha dig här Annie & väldigt trevligt att ses senast! Du är så välkommen tillbaka, närsom. Må nu så gott i juletider. Axx

  3. Glad that you like my living room (photo #1). If you are going to use the picture on your website, please credit it.


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  5. Thank you Jill Danyelle! Will correct immidiately. Sorry for not having all details right, always trying to be strict but sometimes the sources are hard to trace. Thanks for letting me know. Love the room btw! Ax

  6. no worries anna. a friend had just emailed and asked if it was my place, normally i don't scour the internet for uncredited images or leave comments! i know, sometimes it is hard to credit a photo, but thanks for the link :)