Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New York New York!

In a few hours  we are heading off to New York for a long wanted weekend with friends! Staying in our favorite hotel and have nice dinners and plans coming up. The kids will be home with my parents (thank you Mum & Dad!) & even though I´m sure we will miss them so badly I´m even more sure they will have the best time at home. Might not up date while being away but be certain that I´ll be back on Monday! (Or at least I hope so.....crazy scarred of flying but know that it is an irrational fear so will try to leave that once taking off and order a glass of bubbly instead)

Have a great weekend everyone and see you soon Johanna, Jennie, Filip & Fredrik!


  1. Wonderful view, would probably live more in the bathroom, with the beautiful painting outside.

  2. Härligt! Ha en fin helg och resa!

  3. Have a safe flight there and back and hope your hotel window has as nice views as the one in your photo! Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Du kommer klara det!!! Finns inget som det kommer så mycket kraft från som att våga kasta sig ut!! Hälften vunnet säger jag! Hoppas du haft det grymt, och bra gjort att inte hålla på med bloggen när du är där!! Herre gud! Du hade väl annat för dig..hahahaaa..
    Kram and welcome back!

  5. a - I probably would have too but unfortunately did not get that room...But it was great anyway :)

    Elina - tack!!

    Floor Number Foor - thank you! Not as nice but trip was really great anyway.

    Hanna - tusen tack för pepp, Hanna! Behöver allt jag kan få för tusan vad läskigt och stort det känns. Litar på det extra mkt när det är någon som faktiskt testat själv.