Monday, February 6, 2012


More work that I want to tell you about. Like I said about the weekend it was spent at the display of Kasthall preparing for the up coming Furniture Fair. It is really going to be something to keep an eye on if you are going, lots of fun details to study among all of Kasthall´s high quality products. I always like Lotta´s styling and this time is no exception as you can walk around quite a small area finding new things for a very long time. Kasthall is truly one of the brands who realise that putting effort into their marketing pays off. How many times have you for example seen above pictures? Probably lots of times and for a very good reason, they look so good. Can assure you that the new ones we did a while ago are equally pretty - the last one is an example of that.

1-3: stylist Lotta Agaton, photographer Philip Karlberg
4: stylist Lotta Agaton, photographer Mathias Nero


  1. Tack för all hjälp i helgen Anna...det var som alltid ett nöje att ha dig i hasorna och ditt ovärdeliga ordningssinne till hjälp.

  2. Och alltid ett nöje att hänga i hasorna :) Kram!

  3. Stort tack för en strålande insats Anna!
    Vi har haft en supervecka i Stockholm och har fått så mycket beröm för vår fina monter!
    Stor kram